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Wanted (Lilo Fluff)

So I don’t often see Lilo stuff. I ship all the boys romances bromances. c:


'Fat.' 'Overweight.' 'Chubby.' 'Ugly.' 'Untalented.' 'Immature.' 'Rude.' 

All of it. All of this hurt Louis. He didn’t feel loved anymore. By anyone. Even his boyfriend of a year, Liam. As much as Liam told Louis he loved him, he never believed it. Louis let out a choked sob as more hate flooded in, some from Larry shippers. “I-I’m not even with H-Harry!” He cried, slamming his phone down on the nightstand next to him. 

Liam heard everything, from the sobs to the protesting, to the slam. He sighed. “Liam, get your ass up and go see what’s wrong with your boyfriend,” Zayn said, nudging my shoulder. “Why-” Zayn cut me off, pointing up the stairs. I huffed, standing up and heading upstairs. “Lou? Boo?” I called out softly, lightly tapping on his door. “Y-Yeah?” “Let me in.” “Li-” “Louis, now,” I demanded. I heard a little sigh, as the door clicked open. I slowly took in Louis appearance. 

 ”Oh Lou…”

I gently pulled him into my arms. He stood on his tip-toes, burying his face into my shoulders. He tried stuttering out words but I didn’t understand anything. “Louis, boo, shhh..” I cooed softly. It didn’t work. I bent down, lifting him up bridal style in my arms, shut the door behind me wit my foot and gently laid him on the bed. Ha laid his head on the crook of my neck, the cries continuing. I kept cooeing him, and stroking his hair, rocking him back and forth, anything. But nothing worked. “W-Why does everyone hate me..” He cried. I stared at him. 

"Lou, you’re famous love. You’re going to get hate," I said softly. "But you need to remember you’re beautiful, loved and special."

He shook his head. “I-I’m not..” I sighed. “Oh Lou.. If only you saw yourself like I saw you..”

"I’m not, Li! I’m just not!" He yelled, tears streaming down his face quickly.

"Lou." I stated firmly, gently pulling him back down to me. "Listen.." I drew in a deep breath and gently cupped his cheek in one hand.

“‘Cause I just wanna wrap you up, want to kiss your lips, I, I want to make you feel wanted..

And I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever and never let you forget it..

Yeah I, wanna make you feel wanted..”

Louis tears slowly stopped as he looked up at me. I smiled and continued.

"As good as you make me feel.. I wanna make you feel better..

Better then your fairy tales,

Better then your best dreams,

You’re more than everything I need…

You’re all I ever wanted..”

Louis eyes were fluttered shut now, his crying stopped and his breathing now normal. Liam smiled, pulling Louis closer to him and kissed his forehead.

"I love you Lou. Never forget that."

"I won’t, Li. I love you too."

"Oh, and Louis?"


"You’ll always be perfect in my eyes."

I could almost hear Louis smile.

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